I graduated from high school 9 years, 344 days and 14ish hours ago. In 3 hours I’ll be graduating from college. Going to grad school in the fall. Following one of my passions this summer, in addition to perhaps getting a part time job in my field over the summer, with perhaps another one this fall. My car works reasonably well when I don’t take it on the freeway for more than a few minutes (which should make getting to Anaheim for the TMBG concert in June quite the surface roads trek). Most of my friends live either in San Francisco or North Carolina, so that’s no good, but this blog has almost 1000 followers, so that’s pretty sweet. Dodgers have one 4 of 5 and, despite being in last place in the NL West, are only 6 games back, which is more than the drop between 1st and 2nd in the AL Central.

I don’t know, life could be better, I could have made better decisions, and I certainly have a great many regrets, but nothing overwhelming or crippling. And I’m actually pretty hopeful about the future. Onward and upward.